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Accidents, natural catastrophes, diseases, losses, mobbing, experiences of violence, neglect and isolation: all of those experiences can rip our life apart. When experiencing trauma, we face a deep helplessness against what is happening to us. The possible causes for a trauma are numerous.

The consequences of a trauma

Through a trauma we are threatened physically, psychologically and socially on an existential level. Our nervous system has huge problems working through this massive stress in such short time and the stress is contained within our organism. Depending on the severity and biographic time of the traumatization, different problems can emerge. The resources of a person also play a big role. While some people recover on their own, for others the terror never seems to end.

The consequences of a trauma can look very different. Among them are:

·  Depression
·  Fear
·  Physical pain
·  Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
·  Dissociations
·  Eating disorders
·  Self-harming behaviour
·  Impulsiveness
·  Addictions
·  Personality disorders
·  Psychosomatic diseases
·  Suicidal tendencies

Recovering from Trauma

If a posttraumatic stress disorder or other disorders have evolved, a trauma can very often not be overcome without working up the experiences. The trauma is stuck in our body. For this reason, body-centered therapies are especially capable of helping you recover from trauma. Breathing therapy offers a soft approach to rebalance the overcharged nervous system so it can regulate itself again in a healthy way. The trauma-specific interventions make it possible to integrate the traumatic experience and reduce stress permanently: the way back to a normal life can begin.

In addition a trauma-sensitive massage can support the whole healing process. This can also be done without being in a continuous therapy in my practice.

Support and supervision

While working through your trauma I stand by your side, sensitive to and appreciative of the specific needs and survival skills of traumatized people. I keep your personal path in focus. Together we can explore new possibilities to handle those adverse life events. In this I will support you with my knowledge, which I am constantly expanding.

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