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I mainly work with the following methods

• Breathing- and movement-based exercises sitting, standing, lying down or in motion
• Breathing session and breathing-centered massage on the massage table
• Meditation and imagination
• Experience-focused exercises, e.g. with drawings
• Talk
• Circular breathing and immersive breathing

We always adjust our work to your personal needs and rhythm. Breathing therapy doesn’t work like a drug which you can take to solve your problems. It requires your cooperation and focuses on what is necessary and possible at that moment. I see myself as supportive company on your individual path. I offer you different tools to work but you remain the expert for yourself and your process.

Indications (non-exhaustive)

• Fear
• Panic
• Depression
• Restlessness
• Stress
• General exhaustion
• Burnout
• Sleep disorders
• Back pain
• Muscular tension
• Trauma
• Psychosomatic disorders
• Short breath
• Respiratory illnesses (e.g., Asthma, COPD, Long Covid)
• Losses
• Grief
• Life crises

But it also helps as a preventive measure to keep yourself healthy, to improve your well-being, for personal development and to activate resources and become conscious about them.