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Massage is one of the oldest known therapeutic methods. Both gentle and more intensive strokes loosen the muscles and stimulate blood circulation. Heart rate, blood pressure, digestion and breathing are also positively influenced. A massage also has a relaxing effect on the psyche.

breath massage

Breath massage is a breath-specific, extended form of classic massage. It focuses on the breathing process and the relationship between therapist and client. The breathing massage is accompanied by a dialogue. The aim is mindful observation of all the changes that occur in the body as a result of the various interventions.
Breath massage is especially helpful for people with diseases of the respiratory system, such as COPD, asthma, or when a respiratory infection has caused prolonged cough. It helps the muscles to relax from their constant hard work.

Trauma-sensitive massage

People who have experienced violence often have a very ambivalent attitude towards touch. On the one hand, they want to be touched, but on the other hand it makes them incredibly afraid. The traumatic experience remains in the body and, when touched, triggers the fear of experiencing violence again. At the same time, touch is also the oldest form of communication we all know; it is the first language spoken between mother and child. It “touches” us in a very profound way. It can therefore be an extremely healing experience to receive a trauma-sensitive massage.

Before such a massage, we discuss the individual triggers together. Many traumatized people do not tolerate touch on certain parts of the body, or a certain form of touch triggers fear reactions. For this reason, we define very clear boundaries together. The mere experience of adhering to these agreed boundaries can set powerful healing processes in motion. In a trauma-sensitive massage, I also predominantly or even exclusively use very slow movements. This allows the body to adjust to the type of touch. It becomes calculable and the body classifies it as harmless. In addition, such touch has been proven to trigger numerous biochemical processes that lead to a profound calming of the nervous system.