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Holotropic breathwork is a powerful method to experience yourself. An expanded state of mind can be induced through intense breathing and a special set of music. In this state unconscious and neglected topics can become visible and accessible. This work is supported by a special type of body work which allows and facilitates the resolution of topics that are stuck in our bodies.

Where does holotropic breathwork come from?

Holotropic breathwork was originally developed by Stanislav and Christina Grof. Stan Grof is a worldwide renowned consciousness researcher who worked with psychiatric patients in the beginning of his career. Many of those patients were considered «hopeless cases», no therapy seemed to help them. In his studies Stan Grof discovered the potential of expanded states of consciousness. Those states opened up a way into the subconscious of his patients. There it became possible to work on topics where classical methods couldn’t help anymore.

Collective knowledge of cultures

Grof dedicated his whole life to exploring expanded states of consciousness. He researched trance techniques of cultures throughout the world. Deriving from his collected knowledge, he and his wife Christina developed holotropic breathwork. Since the mid 1980’s holotropic breathwork is being used as an efficient technique and constantly being refined.

Trance as chance for development

There are many types of breathwork which lead into a trance state. Next to holotropic breathwork, there are also softer variations which can be done with less effort and still lead into deep processes. The work with the circular breath can be seen as the “little brother” of holotropic breathwork. The sessions are shorter, the music is chosen a bit differently. This type of work is a good way to get to know different types of breathwork. It also is a very good option in case therapeutic processes got stuck and it can be used for self-exploration.

My offer

Holotropic breathwork is usually done in group sessions since those have many advantages. Single sessions, however, are sometimes offered too. The group sessions in Basel are being organized by Luccio & Janka Schlettwein, . I know them both from many years of collaboration and can recommend them without limitations.
The workshops are also offered in english, with translation.

I offer circular breathing in my practice. This is usually done in single sessions.

Single sessions with holotropic breathwork can not be done in my practice. Under certain circumstances it is possible to do them in your home.

More about holotropic breathwork: |

Integration work after psychedelic experiences

Yoga, meditation, breathing techniques, trance techniques and different psychoactive substances can induce very intense experiences. They can take us to unexpected heights or depths. Deep insights into our personality, behavioral patterns or problems become possible. We can be confronted with severe traumatic life events or go through blissful or transcendental experiences. No such experience is like another.

Support with integration of your experiences

The conscious integration of such experiences is not only reasonable but many times it proves to be necessary. Most people do this focused on the mind, many include working with their feelings. Through breathing therapy it is possible to additionally include the body in the integration process. This way the impact, depth and gain of the experiences grows.

Starting in September 2023, I offer psychedelic integration circles. Here you find a safe place to talk about your experience and pick up some inspiration for your integration process.

  • Available dates: 14.03.2024 or 11.04.2024
  • The door opens at 17:30h, the circles start at 18:00h.
  • Those evenings will take place at Gaia Media (Map) on every second thursday of the month.
  • They cost 15.- per evening and require registration.
  • If you want to participate but you think your german skills do not suffice, please contact me. We will find solutions for that.

I do not offer substance experiences. If you want to have an experience in an expanded state of mind, I recommend holotropic breathwork or circular breath.