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What awaits you in my practice

My offer to you

We always adapt the joint work to your personal rhythm.

About me

Trust, let go, be open.

These few words describe how I approach the processes of my clients. In every human being there is the knowledge of what he needs to develop and evolve in the best possible way. I support you in finding access to this knowledge.

Also in my practice


Breathing massage is a breath-specific extended form of classical massage. The focus is on the breathing process and the relationship between therapist and client. The breath massage is accompanied by a conversation.


What my clients say

I was allowed to get everything off my chest in the beginning, then we used different exercises to shake off stress or stamp it down into the ground. In the beginning this felt a little strange, but I quickly managed to accept it. In the beginning I was a bit afraid the effect would wear off as quickly as it does after doing sport, which somehow did happen. But Iris showed me how to restore this relaxed feeling.

Carsten D.

neuer Klient

Dear Iris, one can see that you’re practicing breathing therapy with all your heart. You radiate energy, calmness and serenity while leading through the exercises. I felt very safe and was able to defeat my panic attacks! I was able to follow your instructions easily. It felt good to do the different breathing exercises and I felt aerated afterwards.

Barbara C.


Your conscious and competent way made me feel absolutely comfortable. You know how to open up the gateway to my body language with a lot of sensitivity and awareness and how to accompany me in my process.

Florentine G.


You are very empathic and pick up all the topics that keep one busy. I was in good hands, and you understood me. I have perceived my body consciously again. Moreover, I was able to use many tools in my everyday life. One can see that you’re doing your work with a lot of love and heart. Thanks a lot!

Daria. E.

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